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Happy New Year

Today is 2nd January 2023, how was the Christmas break for you?

Our Christmas was quiet, we don’t have any small children at home with us just nieces and nephews that you can give back at the end of the day. Christmas used to be a fuss but now Tegan is much older, the excitement has subsided – in fact, I don’t even think the excitement was never there for him. The Xbox that he asked for stayed half unwrapped for the next two days.

This is where we set our personal goals, write down the list of accomplishments that we are going to smash and all that good stuff. We all do it and I have not set any crazy dreams but at the same time we want to do the best and more for my family.

Grateful to see the new year and what is to come for us as a family. You know every year your child/young person gets older and it is always on our minds that they are going to be a year older and so are you. Life does not stop with Autism and/or a disability, it stays with you for life and like me it absolutely has not got any easier.

There have been times where I have been fuming because I can’t get an email or a call back so you start copying in every single person into the email, with a hope that somebody has a heart and responds…I should not have to do that! OR the medical professional that you see is not aware of the invisible disability Tegan possesses, so talks to him like crap and I need to step in to give him a dressing down as politely and quietly as I can! Those are just some of the areas that stand out for me in 2022.

My goal for this year for Tegan is to find more things for him to do, form positive friendships and stay safe especially in regard to social media. I’d rather he was not on social media, but he is really keen on it. For me it is the ghetto, but he is pushing 22 so it’s inevitable. If you have any helpful hints/tips then please send them on to, help a girl out!

In regard to this charity, we would very much like to recreate the community spirit we had in previous years. So much as happened, due to various things including Covid and really want to get back out into the community. The truth is things are harder now, venues have either closed down or want lots of money to run projects. Funding is on the decline so things will be much harder than before. If you can point us in the right direction for either, please do let us know on

Going forward, we are inviting the Autism community to write a guest blog post for the website. As I write this, we have just four spots left, and this is subject to change. Please do get in contact if you wish to be a part of our 2023 blog.

Thank you for following us on this journey, it has been a rollercoaster with all the twists and turns BUT we are continuing to hold on tight with both hands.

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