Fundraiser 2018 – Arcelor Mittal Orbit

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Fundraiser 2018 – Arcelor Mittal Orbit

Voices for Autism have set their fundraiser for 2018.

In April, a few volunteers that can or will brave heights, are abseiling at the Olympic Park. This year we have looked at what we wish to work towards and focus on immediately.

2018 sees Voices for Autism moving forward and would like to be able to reach more families in order to ensure that nobody feels that they are alone on this Autism journey.

Your donations will help:

– Maintain our monthly coffee mornings
– Create and maintain social clubs for young people
– Subsidise workshops for families
– Cover costs for venue hire
– Exhibiting at more community events
– Continuing our range of quality guest speakers
– Purchase toys, lego, arts & crafts

This list does not identify all that the donations will cover but felt that these are the main areas in which we would like to work on immediately.

Many families we see are often on low-incomes, having our services accessible to as many as possible is vital.

~ The Voices for Autism Team

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