Voices for Autism is a non-profit organisation based in London (UK) supporting parents/carers of young people with Autism. It is our passion to spread awareness about Autism. We are parent led, and the founder is a parent of a young person with Autism.

Voices for Autism has been created to spread Autism Awareness as well as create a community for parents/carers to feel a part of. Being an autism parent/carer can sometimes feel like a lonely place and we want you to know that you are not alone. Autism affects approximately 70,000 people in the UK alone.

We are striving to create a haven where we can come together to share advice, ideas, good news stories and so on. Voices for Autism want to echo the message that young people with Autism are unique and they should be able to access the same services and opportunities as those without a disability or additional needs.

The organisation are a friendly bunch who have a mixture of skills, knowledge and experience. We are in no way medical professionals but walk and breathe Autism on a daily basis.

Voices for Autism are looking for volunteers, if you would like to get involved or require further information, please email us at info@voicesforautism.co.uk

Let’s build a community, let’s build a voice!

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